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Dear Harry,

Tomorrow, Integrity Course will finish. This is my second one. Last Integrity Course, I was thinking so much, I could not felt well, and then I became victim, and could not complete the work. But, this time, I joined this course, and I have very good experiences after Wizard Course.
Before, I made things so difficult and serious (because I could get a lot of things), but now, I recognized that consciousness is so light and playful. When I finished the work, I really felt the "Ahhha...", and then I felt a little bit uncomfortable- and then after that, I moved out of my creations. My attention was released , and my world became so clear, and I felt relaxed.
Harry, I love your course.
Next step for me is to create a new reality-the life that connects with a higher self... I am so inspired.
With all my gratitude.

Chinatsu Fujino