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Dear Harry,

In March I took a buy out from my former employer to create an organization for Veterens with post traumatic stress. After meeting with Congress on the issue early in March I was very frustrated. My will to find a path became even stronger. Three weeks later I set out for Taos, New Mexico to find a Native American drum ( a Shaman friend had guided me there). On my journey I stopped to sleep and "Googled" Taos drum. Part of that Google search showed a link to an Avatar event. I called the Masters number and after the call decided to attend a mini-course. Well... I cautiously attended a ReSurfacing. Then my spirit doors exploded, and now I am in the Masters program!

Since leaving Taos my world is brighter and more expanded than I ever believed possible. The Post Traumatic Stress Organization is now a reality and growing. What's more remarkable is the inner sanctuary of peace I am experiencing Daily. Thank you.