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Hi Harry,

I ventured out of Orlando International Courses and just participated in my first Regional Avatar Course as an Intern Master. Still great Ice Cream, just a different Flavor. It has actually been a profound experience. I have received a lot of attention from the Qualified Masters and my skills have accelerated.

The tools have worked their magic once again. I discovered I wasn't really connecting. This was the clue something big was up. Using the tools this week Transparent Beliefs began to show up. I found all kinds of goofy stuff, physical sensations and deep pains to handle. I created primaries. One was especially profound. I felt like the hard cover of the seed was shedding and the new sprout of "me" was emerging- pure and alive. I love it and am so grateful. Attending the Integrity Course is definitely on my agenda. Thank you so much for the many tools. I got my "minutes worth" out of every minute this week. I fell in love with me! Love and blessings,

Bonnie Bold- USA