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Hi, Avra -

I'm remiss in not writing sooner. Thank you for the manta ray I received as a Master for being on the International Course with you and John the week before last.

I had an exceptional time working with you and John, Audrey, the Masters on the Chicago team, the QM's and the Masters' team at large and our students! My last course with Star's Edge was May '07; I was away far too long. During my absence I've become someone who is excited about creating an EPC instead of being someone who yawns and sits on his hands at its being mentioned, smirking - the way I used to be. My kids are now 22 and 18 and they're walking into an adult world that's not quite the way I would have chosen if I had given it any thought that I was, in fact, responsible for it. Well, better late......

I've named my manta, Rachael. Rachel Ray. She lives on my kitchen counter and helps me with meal prep. We get along great, but I don't understand why she keeps saying: "My next guest is a longtime friend..." whenever my doorbell rings.

Please let everyone at Star's Edge know they're appreciated.

With Love,

Lory Merritt
HIghland Park, Illinois