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Hi Harry,

I want to share Compassion exercise win with you. This morning  I noticed my car had a tire going flat, parked at home. While I was creating my daily primary I had a secondary come up about the hassle of having to get that handled ... then a sudden viewpoint shift, realizing that whoever came to fix it was a potential Avatar : )

The guy came to change my tire and we did the paperwork. Then I said I had something for him and I gave him a Compassion Card. I knew he was in a hurry, as he'd said he had heaps of jobs on this morning, but I asked him if he had 30 seconds to do the exercise. He said "yes" and I took him through it. Then he told me that his 2 year old daughter, who was in the car, loves the Avatar movie picture and always calls out "Avatar!" when she sees it. I shared with him about a student of mine whose 2 year old daughter had had a fever and popped out of it when her Mum did the Compassion exercise on her a few times ... and every night at bedtime she would say "Mummy let's do "Just like me".

He gave me his email address so I could email some info to him and his wife. And said he is going to share the exercise with her.This all took less than 10 minutes. Thank you Harry for giving us the Compassion Project, it makes it SO easy to connect and inspire people to compassion and to do Avatar! Love,

Lizzy Mellick- Australia