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Dear Harry,

I know you have heard about Marguerite W., the visually impaired new Avatar who "moved mountains" to do the entire October International Course and is now coming to Masters next week, thanks to you, Harry, and the amazing tools. She came as my student and has become my teacher. I want to tell you about the miracles she is creating.

I met Marguerite a year ago at the Pro Course when a group of us went to the Civic Center to "talk with strangers" and invite them to come to the Belief Management Mini-Courses that were offered regularly. She couldn't attend any of them since she was leaving that day to return home to Baltimore after a Louise Hay workshop, but she was a "light" and very interested in hearing about Avatar. I kept connected to her via phone and e-mail. She had committed to a year-long program that was keeping her "too busy" to come to Avatar but she said as soon as she completed it she would do what she could to attend.

Well, she came to Orlando in October and brought a friend with her. She entered the room with Angela M. (the friend), using her white cane and was only able to see contrasts, light and dark, and some vague shapes. She is an amazingly charismatic woman and everyone in the course (more than 200 there) fell in love with her. She focused on discovering beliefs about her blindness and using the tools to deal with them. By the end of "Minding the Edges" she had expanded beyond the visual "tunnel" she had been existing in and began to see shapes of buildings that stood on the sides of the path where she was walking.

Feel-its were powerful for her. She started by actually feeling near-by objects with her hands on the Define Step and then removing her hands and feeling the objects with her attention. By the end of the first day she was able to see the edges of close forms and fuzzy forms at a distance. During Label-its she transformed her relationship to blindness and was able to create No ReSponse to both her condition and the people and situations she had charge on. Then, during Source List, both her sight and her ability to comfortably accept exactly where she is increased tremendously. She began to see the bright colors that abound in the hotel.

Section III was amazing. Things really started happening when she did the Limitations Rundown. She began having trouble using the CHP (couldn't find the outermost limits or couldn't feel a creation without thinking, or couldn't discreate the creation) and finally realized it had nothing to do with the tool. She simply was afraid to risk FEELING the beliefs that caused her blindness. With Dev Kirn's help she discreated "Wanting to resist feeling beliefs about my blindness and not wanting to resist them", and when she discreated it, all of us at our table gasped as we felt the limitation leave to be replaced with a willingness to explore. She opened her eyes and they looked clearer than ever. She created "I SEE" and brought tears to our eyes and caused the hair to stand up on our arms!

Then, the piece d'resistance was when she uncovered, owned and integrated a persistent mass. During the rundown she linked an old rejection by a former lover with her blindness. She took responsibility for deliberately creating the relationship with her therapist and later, when he left her for another woman, she resisted it and labeled him as disloyal, dishonest, insensitive, a bad therapist, etc. etc. She recalled the beliefs she created in that situation . . . I was "a Blind, naïve sucker", "I closed my eyes to the red Flags", "He opened me to my spiritual path and then destroyed me", etc. etc. She realized that her blindness started soon after this break up and the creation of these and other sabotaging beliefs. Doctors don't have a medical name for her condition. It baffles them. They say it must be an auto-immune disease of some sort. Whatever . . . it is changing.

The rest of the day she was able to see facial features of people standing close to her, brilliant colors, and she didn't use her white cane all day, even walking to the restroom alone without her cane.

We have kept close touch by phone since the Avatar Course, she is noticing that her night vision has also increased as well as her new ability to see colors. Dev Kirn suggested she do the Forgiveness Option to open the pathway to re-creating her finances and mid-way through that mini-course, she created a source of money. I had the honor of doing the Releasing Fixed Attention with her at the end of the mini-course and she gasped when she realized "I was so devastated by the breakup with R. that I dropped into a great pit of darkness and didn't know the way out." She took responsibility for it all and the attention she released was palpable over the phone. It is so amazing. She also realizes that she had identified him with her spiritual awakening and has not allowed herself to truly experience who she really is as a way of getting revenge. No More!

I feel so much grace and have ultimate faith in the tools. Thank you for taking the time to let me share this with you. I know that Avatar and Stars Edge make no claims of any kind except that by changing your beliefs you can change your experience of life . . . but I feel as if I am living in miracle land.

Well . . . this Success Story turned out a little longer than expected, but I wanted to share everything I remembered with you. I feel so blessed to have been led to you and the Avatar Path and the amazing tools for creating and discreating beliefs and living deliberately. I know without doubt that the grace we are experiencing now is a result of (1) serving others (2) using these tools (3) divine guidance (4) committing to creating an EPC. I regret nothing, honor my journey and dedicate my life to you and this work. Avra invited me to review the Masters Course with Marguerite and share this course with her too, reading the materials and doing whatever other service is waiting. I thank all three of you for this opportunity. I feel that reviewing the Masters Course after Thanksgiving is my perfect next step as a person and an Avatar Master. . . and that I am definitely closing any doors to the past that still remain open and am excited about what the future has in store for all of us.

With great awe, reverence and love,