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Dear Harry,
I created a student and came to the Taos Course with great reservations. I hadn't done an internship in a year due to undergoing chemo therapy for my metastatic breast cancer. I wasn't sure I could handle 11 days of long hours. At our last evaluation I cried at how empowered I was because I was able to do the full 11 days and with good energy and enthusiasm. Much of the mental fog I had been experiencing is gone. I also feel like I have dropped the cancer identity. I also feel I have opened a new space of vulnerability and I feel a new "I" has emerged.
I have also been able to connect with others in a whole new place. I feel the place I have kept safe and protected has dropped. I am able to connect with my whole being for the first time. An awesome experience!
Thank you Harry for these incredible tools and for all your love, gratitude and appreciation.
I'll see you again at Wizards next year!

Jan Smith- USA- 2009