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Just understanding the machinations of the mind, and all the stories it tells the self, is a major revelation in itself to me! No longer must I allow my thoughts to run around in vicious circles, burning all my valuable energy and fixing my attention on unknown and/or known ovations that don't contribute to achieving my goals/primaries.

The serious Drill is such an amazing tool. It calms the person you're using it for and it calms the self in the process. I used it successfully during the course on a family member (in another location) who was in crisis mode. It was powerful and successful and will be one of my tried and true favorite tools for the path ahead.

Before Pro, I worried that I might not become aware of all my persistent masses. Now I laugh at that fear--after all, that is why they are called by that name--they persist until you experience them, etc. I uncovered one unexpectedly on my way to a break and experienced, etc. and dis-created it by myself in my room. It gave me a surge of energy and more confidence in my abilities to live deliberately.

Susan B. Hale