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Dear Harry,

I have had the privilege of witnessing a new Master who has been my roommate, go through the course, and completely blossom and unfold her wings. I feel the reverence and joy of awakening as a Master through her presence- and I am grateful.
It has been an amazing roommate creation as I held the intention I would end up with great roommates, and asked Nixa to set us up with 2 roommates and I had already arranged one-normally I control the situation, yes, I'm letting go! I felt so loved and cared for in my room, and it was such a space for me to grow in a way that is a new reference point. I have always created being on the outside, and I feel it integrating, which I am grateful for to be there with everyone.
I also realized I had a primary I created on my Masters Course 7 years ago- "I have a loving relationship with my brothers," which I felt was impossible, it's truly type 4-there was no evidence whatsoever I could have it with all of them. Through all the work I have done over the years, I have a loving relationship with them, and in a way I never imagined could be possible.
Thank you so much for these tools and for the ability to change how my family interacts.