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Dear Harry, Avra, Miken and Stars Edge,

What I am about to say feels like old wisdom. You've heard this thousands of times by the grateful multitudes before me. "Harry. These tools are EXTRAORDINARY."

How quickly and powerfully you can shift out of a state of self imposed delusion, limitation, dysfunction, negativity, dissatisfaction and drama - feels like MAGIC. Literally like MAGIC.

As a child when experiencing pain, fear, or turmoil, I remember trying to will myself to "just magic it away."

Wow. Look what I found!

A technological magic in the 21st century that works! The Avatar tools are the most practical but magical technology I have ever experienced. Avatar in my opinion; is LIGHT YEARS ahead of its time.

We as a species needed something this futuristic and powerful to save us from ourselves and recreate our collective existence in the manner it was always intended before the beginning of time.

Thank you Harry. Thank you.

With infinite love and appreciation for You, Avra, Miken and the worldwide bodhisattva Stars Edge sangha.

Rana Porter