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Dear Harry,

I just finished the Avatar Master Course. What it did to me, what it did with me! I cannot oversee it's width. I am 61 years old and have never experienced anything like this. Life has left its marks and scars, but it seems as if a lot of them are disappearing and/or do not hurt me anymore.

My wife and I had planned to spend a couple of weeks in Spain for a holiday, but I decided to go to Orlando. My wife fully supported me on that. She is now in Spain and I am in Orlando, but she has never been so close to me as right now at this very moment. I truly feel her in my heart. Thank you for that.

I'm sure I can cope much better with all the things I have to do in the times coming. You gave me a lot of tools to handle that. The idea you sent into the world took my breath away. I want to be part of it. Micheal Jackson, you, but above all the people I have met during this course convinced me that we can change the world, make it a better place. No. We WILL make it a better place! I will go on. I shall go on. Thanks Harry!

Henk Doevendans- The Netherlands