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Dear Harry,

I need to share with you something that is becoming a reality in my life. Because of the tools you have created and shared, I am able to experience compassion, honesty, kindness, living deliberately, integrity, forgiveness, contentment, joy and peace with all of the people who are appearing in my life, deliberately. Avatar has helped me to own my creations that have hurt others. And take positive steps to create a better world starting with me. Regardless of whatever domain you create in, Avatar is the perfect companion. Kind of like a guardian angel.

I'm reading, The Holy Longing, by Ronald Rolheiser, for a spiritual book club at my church. The "holy longing" for him is source beingness. You'd have a great chat together! The time is here for people to start talking. Fr. Rolheiser says that being a Christian is putting "skin to your prayer". You can't just pray for something, you have to be willing to invest some be God's hands. Isn't that what Avatars do when they create primaries? I'll be forever grateful for this communion!

Huge gratitude to you Harry, for all of your love and persistence. I appreciate all of the lonely and sad moments you have had, and am grateful for you still getting up the next day to renew your resolve to create an EPC!
These are the Avatar Times.
Happy New Year, 2009!