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Hi Harry,

I am writing to you on the flight home to Australia after an International Avatar Course in Orlando. I wanted to deliberately bring the feel of you and the course home with me! There are other Avatar's sprinkled right now throughout the plane. Some are connecting right now by the loo! I'm smiling because it is very special!

I integrated so much on this Internship that putting it all into words is, know! I integrated how I was living my life out of resistance to somebody's opinion. I feel like exercise 24 and 25 from ReSurfacing, Exploring Definition and Motivation, have come to life for me. I feel like exploring these exercises often will continue to bring greater awareness to the pockets of my consciousness. In one of Avra's talks I could feel how much I store attention in my "Pockets". I am going home so much more confident in flowing attention out/off of me into the lives of other people to assist in their awakening.

For me on this course I feel like the brakes have been lifted off my "I" and ready for the "We". Thank you Harry for hanging in there to create what has been thus far. The reason we are where we are is because of your attention being on the goal of creating an EPC and the many other beings joining their attention particles with you! Thank you. Love,

Jan Potts- Australia