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Dear Harry,

To be here in Orlando at the Pro Course is a big gift. The present you gave us is unbelievable and expand everytime I do the Pro Course since I follow the Avatar path.

Already the first day I had so many big wins in freeing up attention and gaining skills to connect with people in such a loving way, that it felt for me as if I was here already doing this course for the whole week.
It felt complete.

It was a big celebration to work with the materials which make it so very, very easy to go through creations and handle them with care.

I am drinking in so many good things here and have so many realizations already. It is awesome.
With the Pro Course materials we can do so many things in the world in a compassionate and responsible way.

Thank you for the connection skills. We can do the work now and create together the E.P.C.

Love from David
The Netherlands