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Dear Harry,

It is almost 2 weeks after wizards now. My partner and I went to this wizard together. Worked separately on our own stuff, and believe me, we had a lot! We were in a huge relationship crisis and entered the wizard with the goal to separate from each other in the most peaceful way and create the best solution for our children.

During the second week of the wizard, things started to shift. We both have done a lot integrity and identity work. I started to feel more and more for her again, but had still a lot resistance on it. Because this was not the plan! In the plane back home, I really started to surrender (sweet..). I started not to ignore the feelings any longer. And the Sunday when we were home again in Holland, we had a very good talk. And both spoke out that we wanted to go for it again and take our responsibilities. We were really seeing each other again! And feeling the love again. So we took the necessary steps to go for each other and our family again and we are doing that right now. And it feels really good!!!! The Wizard Course really is magic!


P.V. - the Netherlands