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I write here and now in a place of complete peace and boundless love for myself, you and all creation. This morning I experienced (and continue to experience) something more wonderful than these words could possibly express. Throughout The Master Course and The Wizard Course I have been examining the creation that is my life. I have come to feel that there is some connection between and through it all; my careers as a music teacher, writer, drug and alcohol abuse counselor, my many, many other identities as husband, father, musician, etc.; my friendships, my enemies, my passing fancies, fantasies, likes, dislikes, passions, sins, hopes and fears. I examine the characters in my stories, my students, my bosses, my underlings, and in one moment-one glorious moment-it all makes sense!
Within the realms of various domains, I've experienced minute portions of this, for instance, when I come to understand and write a new scene in one of my stories or when I find the bridge for a new song or when I find a new way to teach a new concept to my students, a way that brings immediate results. But this is not quite like those things. This is, It All makes sense!
I experienced what seemed like a moment outside of time this morning after beginning page 112 of the Wizard materials. I had done, over time, several pages of a personal Thoughtstorm regarding myself, the questions I ask over and over, the people in my life, the things that have interested me, etc. Scribblings and words and phrases and bits of sentences. In that moment, I felt hit. Hit with lightness, clarity and expansiveness beyond expansiveness.
In the middle of it all, I felt one primary, a primary I had made from source at some point in time. The primary was, "I am a teacher." I felt as if countless lifetimes flashed through me in that moment. Everything else is a secondary.
In that one moment, my life has become a playground. My domain isn't a minefield, but a theme park. I am not a fish swimming in the ocean, always wary of being eaten by a bigger fish. I am a Wizard floating through my domain, observing the fish.
Thank you. How could I have known, while existing as the fish, the wonder and awe and magnificence of the love with which I have come to love you all, the love of our wonderful creation that we all share, this planet, this universe.

T. F.-USA-08