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Dear Harry, Avra, Miken, Susan, John, Kathy, SE Trainers, QM's, and Sangha,

We just completed the sweetest ReSurfacing Course led by A.I. Joanie Kirk, with Juliana Witte and Amber Stong.
Our students, one new and one reviewer, were amazing. Our new student registered as a joyful Full student for the
International Avatar Course here in Orlando, in January! He's so excited, grateful, and in awe at the power of the
materials. In his own words, "I see myself at all the courses, all the way to Wizards. How could it be any other way
after what I'm experiencing."

Our Primary today: In reverence and gratitude for Harry and the power of the Avatar materials, all of our students
go all the way to Wizards.

Our reviewer is a new Master, just having come off last week's Master Course not stopping all the way to Wizards 2009.
He bonded with and supported the new student so beautifully, in essence, helping to create a full student by his connection and love
for the materials. We acknowledged him for the co-creation which moved him to tears.

Thank You. Your continuous, unerring empowerment, belief in us, and love, flowed to the students through us every minute all weekend...
it was effortless. WOW!

No words,
Maria Styles