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When I was a little kid, I recall feeling that life was magical I recall. I was in school, I always had the right answer, it just was fun. I felt present. I felt like I was out in the world and not in my head. I've been living in this dark mind of not knowing, negative thoughts and attitudes and beliefs, and feeling like a loser, and all kinds of stuff. And in the last few weeks it's like, I feel like that kid again. But now with a little more wisdom, with some wisdom attached a child with wisdom attached.

I just love the data that we're getting to; you know,reference points, and archetypes, and all that neat stuff that Harry talks about. I'm falling in love with life in the last two weeks. Yeah I see myself in a new way. I see possibilities that seemed so far far away to be, like, within my reality, and they're not so far away. I've been feeling connected to my family that I never felt connected to before.

Maria Banks-USA-2007