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Ican't quite express in words...

When I heard Avra's last talk I was really touched. That it would be different even one of us is missing. That she feels grateful for the opportunity of working with us. That she appreciates all our small services all these things I felt strongly in my heart.

I felt that my tiny actions, my attitudes filled with ego were so stupid but Avra, Harry, other Masters and all Avatars forgive all these things and give me gratitude. I was so touched.

From now on, I will face with my dishonest creations in me. I will do all things with the trust to serious drill, feel-its, source list and all other tools. I will never give up with discouragement.

Today, I heard Avra's talk, and I felt that "I'm all right after all". I will live my life with self-responsibility, and with inspiration. Thank you.

P.S. I think that she must have been the first person that gave us such an importance, Avra. From now, I would like to become the person who takes care of others.
Thank you so much