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Wow Harry,

I have never known how to begin to share my appreciation for your development of this course. So, for a year and a half of attending courses, bringing family and friends along, and completely restructuring my life, all the while with you in mind, I've never sent you a note to say hi, or... thanks.

At 27 I was becoming devastatingly appalled by the rules of the world my peers seemed to have already adjusted to - sinking into a sea of "the way life is", indoctrination that constricted every moment, other than private ones. My life alignment was way off course following a disappointing degree in psychology that seemed to be the study of self obsession rather than relief from it, and I was treading water without direction-no ice floe in sight.

My sweetheart, Callie Thompson recognized it, her mom Harriet Huss, recognized it, Dev Kirn and Shakti recognized it, and finally, I recognized you, and thru you, myself. I can't thank you enough for the overhaul my family has received. The depth that all of my relationships have gained, the pleasure of the responsibilities I now hold, and the incredible joy of living a life with purpose. I'm thrilled to be swimming into the current with you and your team.

Eli Robinson