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I found myself struggling to get through the mini courses I felt would help me further handle some issues in my life. I felt like I was stuck in a bog, and became more tired and unable to focus over a period of several days. I realized that I was stuck in seriousness (resisting experiencing and feeling) created by thought patterns, and that I could sit in it or get out of it. I saw and felt how being serious in my life has created the same situations of not being able to move, decide, think clearly, or complete simple tasks. I decided to give up seriousness because I have a choice in how to use my mind. I can discipline my will and attention to create what I want and to stay out of the danger zones in my mind. I am much happier being myself at source and not being at the effect of my thought patterns. Thank you for giving us the tools to be "out of our minds".

Tracy Robert- USA- 2009