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This was my third course and I'm finally taking responsibility for my creations. I did it. I do it. I was living in the victim mode and now I see much clearer. I feel I understand the exercises on a level not felt before. I had been letting myself off the hook in life and in resisted experiences, now I'm willing to look deeper and could feel how all my resistances are interconnected and the real root of my sense of failures of life. I was afraid to show up. I use smoking pot for years to feel bold enough to appear to show up. But I should see how shallow my connections where, and how very self absorbed. Now I appreciate others more. I even appreciate discovering my discomforts because they point the way to where I need to look to find my answers. It is a beautiful cycle. I now want to share myself with others, I'm no longer afraid. I'm excited to live.

Thank you with all my heart,
Joan Abbott