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Thank you for the tools and exercises. I used to hate my job and I wanted to do Masters in September. I never made it to September because I gave my source away. I decided to go to the Masters at the end of November. I felt alive again after Masters. It was really easy for me to decide to go to the Wizards course.

Before I came to Wizards I decided that I needed answers to questions that bothered me. One was, who is my soulmate and what should I be doing for a living. What is my life's purpose. I received the answers to these questions while working with others on secrets and ambivalent flow. My biggest issue was trusting myself. When that was cleared, I felt peace and clarity. I know my life's work is bringing Avatar to the masses. I have a passion for teaching it and I love working with others. I have also found a soulmate.

Thank you Harry for making the impossible possible.

Michelle Goddy