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Dear Harry

Today I realized something unbelievable. Today I found myself with a realization. A moment of clarity.

I am happy. I am content.

Today I look back and remember the "misfortunes". Thoughts and feelings that drained any last little bit of attention I had. At the time I did not see a solution. At the time it seemed endless. This resulted in disappointment, mistrust, anger and finally... surrender to what at the time, I thought was the only reality for me.

Now, right this moment, from this very high vista, I can see clear as day that I had to experience ALL those things. I did create them after all!

In one of those WOW moments, I connected the dots! This was the sequence... without going into details... a shortened version.

- Had I not believed this, then I wouldn't have thought that.
- Had I not thought that, I wouldn't have taken that action.
- Had I not taken that action, I wouldn't have felt that
- Had I not felt that, I wouldn't have met this person.
- Had I not met this person, I wouldn't have pursued Avatar.
- Had I not pursued Avatar, then I wouldn't be where I am now.

The best part is, right now I can decide what it is I believe, think, do, experience, feel.

And where I am now is beyond words. It is amazing.

If it wasn't for one small action of one very brave Avatar and the support of many wonderful people in the network, things would most likely have stayed exactly the same.

I am ready to flow it on :)

Now I look back and smile. Events that I viewed as problems were important lessons. People who I thought were my "persecutors" are my teachers. All of it was for a reason. There is a lesson in it all, a lesson that I can only NOW fully appreciate.

I realize that it was all for the best.

Thank you!


Dom - USA