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Dear Harry,

I'm so glad that I came to the Master Course. I'm so grateful to all the Masters who supported me in getting here.

I have integrated the Avatar Course. By deciding to come to the Master Course I finally got the meaning, an understanding and experience of the basic Avatar Course. I had lots of secondaries, but by handling each one of them by applying the Avatar tools, I was able to create a path of opportunity and experienced the wonder of Avatar. I gained a deeper understanding of the material by learning to deliver Avatar to others.

I feel compassion. The highlight of the Master Course was the Drill we learned on the first day. Getting real and putting attention on others to appreciate them and their creations was such a wonderful experience.

I now have companions and a mission. I was so happy to meet people from all over the world. Sharing and learning together, beyond all the borders, was really amazing. Connecting and appreciating to make a better world. It was such a joy!

Avra's talk really inspired me for the mission. I have received courage and joy!

E.N.- Japan