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If anybody would have anybody told that when I signed up for the Avatar course that not only would I forgive my enemy but that he would become my best friend, my sweetheart... I couldnt have conceived.

It was an impossibility in the realm I lived in, the reality I lived in.

But we remarried and we've begun the recreation and the restructuring and the reordering of our family. Its an inconceivable, unbelievable, joyful, blissful, difficult, challenging miracle.

And on this course I have found more dis-aligning beliefs that have kept me from bringing my family so Im looking forward to bringing them back to Wizards.

Im very grateful to Harry, the generosity and the tenderness of the trainers. This year for the first time I experienced integrity. I cant even explain the feeling of the reception and the cradling and the caring of the people in this organization. That's changed my life forever.

Jan Jarvis-USA-2008