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Dear Harry and Avra,

I did ReSurfacing this year and I thought I understood the materials. But I didn't really connect to the tools. I noticed this and re-read Living Deliberately and ReSurfacing. When I read "Self Deception Signals" and "Becoming Real" I cried a lot. I finally understood  I created it all! Finally I understood the wonderfullness of the ReSurfacing materials. Great! These are really great tools. Now ReSurfacing is my precious thing. I sleep with the ReSurfacing book near my pillow every night. I have watched the DVD's a few times, but today finally all Harrys' words came into my space. We can expand the area where we create the realities we want. The meaning of "positive thinking is not enough" became clear. Aha! I'm the creator, finally I can believe it! Harry and Avra thank you!