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Dear Harry,

I became an Avatar in Kyoto, Japan late last year then came to Orlando, Florida to become a Master. I attended the Wizard Course and returned to The Osaka Avatar Course as an intern Master. I have hit many secondaries, but this experience will be helpful for my life in the future. I feel real gratitude for that, especially my fathers participation in the ReSurfacing was big progress! My main reason to become a Master was participation with my father. So my primary was realized and it was a big win!

My fathers patterns came up and normally I would have reacted totally. But the tool learned on the first day at Masters helped a lot and he finished the course with great satisfaction. I will continue to have the intention that my family, which is discouraged, continue to integrate and move forward.

Since many of the Avatar Sangha gave me realizations and courage,  my father as a student and I as an intern will be finishing Section II and III during this course. By attending now, my pattern of life showed up again and again. I'm surprised so much because I am ready to give up those patterns!

I have practiced true service to others. I can proudly say "I can create reality", with the discovery that everything else is secondaries. I felt like I was lapped with something warm in the course room. My mind became quiet and I felt safe that everything is okay. It was like I can see that I am connecting. It was a wonderful experience.

Saya Sakuma- Japan