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I very dearly extend my humble appreciation and sincere gratitude to Harry, Avra and the Trainer team.
The Wizard Course has exceeded all my expectations by a thousand, million times. After deciding at the San Francisco Master Course to attend Wizards, I successfully beat off a conservative 100,000 secondaries to get here. Arriving, I was in a strange space of “I spent too much,” but knowing all the time that it was right for me.
After countless secrets and hidden agendas, ambivalent flows, identity rundowns and creation lists, I feel a deep respect for the compassion and expertise invested in the development of the materials.
As I have observed myself and the others around me transform through understanding, experiencing and playing with the exercises, I feel the power and potential it has and will continue to unleash.
I have worked steadily through my well-built resistances, and the gains I have made during Wizards have been immeasurable. They can’t be put on paper. I can only be the person that Wizards has helped me create.

Geoff Love-New Zealand