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Dear Harry,

After completing my first Avatar Course last year and followed by Masters and now Wizards, I feel I am a totally different person. It has been only 5 months and my life has gradually improved every month. I can now more easily see my life, the dark struggles I have lived with and how to follow this path and these processes to isolating the parts i do not want. I understand now what enlightenment means. I find it amusing when I look at the patterns I was repeating.

Avatar has given me the skills to create joy in my life. I feel energetic and passionate again!

I clearly see the benefits and the results of realizing and owning my creations. Freeing up attention is an amazing feeling and the positive results are endless!

It still feels a bit wierd when I cannot stop smiling! Thank you for your support. See you around! Cheers,

Darren James- USA