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WOW!! What an incredible day!! This is such an amazing course. I am here at the biggest Avatar Course ever in Orlando. It has been amazing. Today was my best day. I created the primary for the year that I show up for my life so others show up for theirs and created 10 new Wizards!! I really felt amazing as I had heaps of quality connections with people at the massage convention. Really practicing "Baby Eyes" and genuine Interest, I connected with people right where they are as Source Beings, it was incredible. I have made such a definite improvement with my connecting skills and I was able to move through my identity of being a hunter to be totally in service and inspire from feel and let people feel the tools. Harry, you are a legend for these tools and Avra has been amazing.!! I am so glad to be interning here in Orlando at my first course as in Intern. The room feels amazing and the students are so inspiring. I can really feel the network expanding.


Erika Hona