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Dear Harry,

I have been struggling for ages, looking for the perfect balance between right and wrong, for just the right amount of power and humility.
I can finally see today, with the guidance of the Star's Edge Trainers, John, Avra, and Kathy, how it is not about having an either or; but how it is about my decision to step out of my own way so that my ego doesn't take over.

Only today I was able to allow myself to see the whole picture, to "think" and "choose to act" for the benefit of the network instead of pretending that the isolated little situations would not matter or change much the way things unfold. Only today I was able to admit that being in service is a way to feed my ego and that that is a big percentage of why I have been doing it all my life. Well... new light has arrived.

I am creating better ways and better motives for staying in service. What could be a better gift to myself and to humanity then to contribute responsibly with all my heart. I hope someday soon with all my strength I contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

With love and gratitude,

\Claudia Chica- USA