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I felt maybe in one hour what was feeling . . . what . . . how I can feel and I couldn't feel anymore and in one hour I can feel again and thus . . . so beautiful was it. Really beautiful. Yeah. Everybody was amazing. My master . . . the people around me they were crying because I can feel again and it was like this . . . I felt it too. So that was my first moment with Avatar and then I decided directly to go further with it. Yeah. So, I started last year with Avatar and I did almost all the courses and now Im here.

First of all I want to do all the exercises in a short time and thats not possible . . . and now also that . . . thats coming more and more and my attention is going to the end and I want to realize what it is . . . all the feeling. I want to have . . . got all the feelings and don't miss anything about it. Thats why I'm hearing that a lot of people doing it for a couple of times and if your Wizards course is a new course and they're learning something so . . . I know also that I can't learn this . . . the thing in one time. Its got to be more and more and more. That's what I see now with the Wizard course.

Im so glad that I met Avatar and that it changed me. Changed me into the good person who I was and I lost it for a long time and I can say I'll be back and I'm back now at the moment.

Richard Apperlou-the Netherlands-2008