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Dearest Harry,

Thank you and I am feeling reverence and appreciation for the Avatar tools and the mission of Avatar. I've decided and I choose to accelerate forward on my Avatar path and contribute to the mission of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I put in a lot of primaries. One primary is about all of my family becoming Avatar. Expect to see a lot of Filipino community showing up. Another primary "I am surrounded by Avatars in my workplace". So similarly numerologists/scientists are fertile ground and ripe and ready. I am committed to doing what I can in my space to support others in their awakening. Thank you. Thank you.

I am finishing my first integrity Course at Masters and I was able to really see how I have been withholding the gifts and blessings of this Avatar work that can contribute to everyone's consciousness. Now I will do what it takes to create 100's of new Avatar and really show up for them in my life.

If I can create the big dramas I have created in my life I have in the past, I have decided I can create even bigger success moving forward....and deliberately create the imprint that impacts our beautiful universe. Love and blessings,

Veronica Carnero