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I went to the Masters Course and I am 12 years old. I am young, but I had thoughts that made me want to help family and others. Before I didn't know that thoughts made things. In this course I learned and knew this. And I erased old identities. That's great!!

I have one more story. it happened after The Avatar Course but before The Master Course. It happened at my school with my two best friends. We fought over our seats. We all wanted to sit in the middle seat. I wanted to sit in the middle seat so I used tools to create the primary " I sit in the middle seat". And it happened!! I love Avatar!! I wanted to say to my friends "Come do Avatar, it's great!".

Today I have some new primaries. One is "All of my friends and family do Avatar" and also " I will go to the Professional Course"!! It will explain everything. Love,

P.J.W.- China