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WOW, WOW, WOW! I am just completing my first internship and you know it really is all about the EPC... about me and you and you and you and you as well. The caring and gentle empowerment I have had from the Australia/New Zealand Masters is incredible. Wins with the students, with fellow interns, JAI's becoming AI's, us all moving up a level and creating momentum and magnetism to fill the spot we just filled. It is no longer theoretical, the EPC is creating all around the world right now and now and now and now. We are at the Star's Edge together. I am right here now with you. This piece of consciousness has so much appreciation for your piece of consciousness Harry, and all the other pieces of consciousness. We are all the same, a mirror appeared and is now disappearing, being replaced by a knowing, a deep, deep knowing. We are awakening to look at ourself and feel the space oneself holds in the universe - WOW! Thank you. With Love and appreciation,
Emmeline Haynes.