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Dear Harry,
I can't thank you enough for creating Avatar and all the evolvements around it. My first Avatar course helped my feel HAPPY for the first time in my life! What a gift! But it just hasn't stopped being a blessing in my life. It's been 5 years now, and I can really feel compassion (a non-existent word in my life before Avatar). Which brings me to this Internship gift. I can't thank you enough for the Jr. AI program, the WAY COOL Compassion Project Cards!

July 2008 Internship Jr AI Criteria Evaluation helped me realize my huge misalignment with my money (and consequently, my spouse). I decided to teach English as a Second Language in South Korea for a year to clean all of that up, and have a small savings to get started as a full time Master. Upon my successful return I arrived at Pro Course (as I expected, it was just the re-entry I needed) and then you spoke AND gave us Compassion Cards. They inspired me to outflow at home more easily. BUT THEN, I came to this internship and I get to go on field trips AND you GIVE us cards to use. Well, I have been having a BLAST passing them out. And in doing so, I have learned HUGE chunks about inspiring others. Your gift has helped me see that I am inspiring. At first, it was only to other Masters (I was amazed, even a bit embarrassed, but it's just way too fun and easy with these cards). AND, as I integrate my Lone Wolf identity through the JR. AI Morning Program, I am now able to work as a team player, being inspiring and inspired! Thanks so much!

Patricia Juhasz
St. Augustine, Fl.