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Dear Harry,

Once again I am blown away with the power of the Forgiveness Option and I so appreciate having this mini-course you gave us. I just looked at a situation for the first time that has unlocked so much awareness of how I have been operating for the last 21 years. It was an incident I had only looked at briefly before but now this has opened it up for me to let it go.

In college my sorority didn't continue to meet our rush (membership) numbers that the national office had set for us. In my senior year our charter was revoked. I have been playing this out ( being put on probation, being kicked out) for years and I could never figure out quite why. Now it completely makes sense why and how I resisted the feeling of having something I love be revoked and how I continue to create that situation! I did this in the career I love and see how I continued to "test" to see if my "charter" would be revoked. I have continued to " rush " in my relationships with others, instead of inspiring them to their awakening. Wow I am so grateful to have the tools to dismantle this creation once and for all. I love this work and I am so grateful to have these tools and this Sangha. Love,