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Dearest Harry,

Where do I start? I have been involved with Avatar for six weeks. I started in Geelong, Australia and I am writing this in Orlando, Florida. I have been on a self discovery journey for the last Seven years. It all led up to me taking up a challenge sent to me from an Avatar Master via email. I went to the Avatar Course to do ReSurfacing, the first two days of the course.

I had things come up at home and so I flew home. When I got home I realized I had let my ego take control of the situation. So I booked my flight back without any arrangements. I set up what I needed to do and was on a plane that night. I then finished the next five days of the Avatar Course. I wanted to finish the last two days but had no money. My room mate, that I had known for only four days, gave me the money to finish the course! It changed my life Harry!

I went to Masters two weeks later after just getting the financing together. My boss at work just barely allowed me the time off for the Master Course. I sold $125, 000 of advertising the week before leaving! The Master Course was just amazing to share with my friends I made over the last few weeks (friends for life).

I returned to work and needed to ask my boss for the time off to go to the Wizards Course next and arrange that financing. I did some Avatar work with the Sydney Masters (Thanks!), surrendering my judgements on banks before arranging the financing with them. Two days later the woman helping me with the paperwork was so inspired, they asked me to do a motivational talk when I get back home!  I used to hate the bank.

I went to work to get my leave for the course. The boss said no and forced my hand. I resigned to come to Wizards. My life is so grand! I met a ghost writer on the plane to Masters. I am writing my first book when I return home. I will send you a copy when it publishes! I have some debt, but I have all the tools to pay it all off this year! I always knew I was a star, but now, I know why.

I have a personal training business set up. I am going to be working with the State Police on their fitness training. I inspire people daily and have had job offers and business opportunities fall in my lap. I have created long lasting friendships I will treasure forever! I plan to work for Stars Edge someday in Research and Development. I have something special to offer. The intuition and sixth sense things that have been magnified 1000's of times over are blowing me away on a daily basis.

I have never shifted this much stuff in six weeks. I truly thank you Harry for your dedication, commitment and compassion. Today I shook your hand. The wave of gratitude I felt from you was truly inspiring. This has changed my life and consciousness for this lifetime and many more to come. Thank you Harry, Avatar Rocks! Deepest thanks and love from your Aussie friend,

Nathan Whaley- Australia