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I recently revisited my Personality Profile from the ReSurfacing Workbook. Five years have passed since I first filled this out on my first Avatar Course.
I was so totally amazed that all the creations and issues that had once burdened me for most of my life are no longer a part of my reality. The realization of how much of my life has changed was beyond anything I could have imagined. My life has taken on such a new clarity.

I am certain that the creations and issues that I once felt was my life would have gone with me to my death had it not been for you, this course and of course my willingness to participate and play with those that went before me.

Life has become fun, exciting and an adventure! My family and friends see me happier, more confident and softer than they have ever seen me before.
Today the challenges in my life don't seem so insurmountable, but more like an exploration and an adventure. I have a knowing that my life only gets better and better and more magnificent. Thank you Harry, Avra and teammates.

Sandy- USA