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Dear Harry, I have just completed my first Internship in Egmond Aan Zee. Wow! What an amazing experience. I have one student, my wife Tracy, and I have gone through the Doingness Scale from the first level, "0" Confusion, and total Float, to Routine Performance, and Confidence. I would like to convey my feelings in this way, "Yipeeeee!"

I have had the most incredible experience, WOW! If the students knew how much fun we had!!

I would like to say to all Masters, "Sign up for an Internship, ASAP!" You will do a fast track up the Doingness Scale. Oh, by the way, let's not forget the students. They deserve the experience, too. You will have the best time of your life guiding others, in service to others, and mastering your tools. I couldn't believe how much I integrated the Avatar tools myself.

My eternal love and appreciation.

P.S. I did the fast track: Avatar in Sept. Masters in November, Wizasrds in January. Highly recommended.

Chris Sheilds- Holland- 2008