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Dear Harry,

I have had the best time the past few days working with a lady on the mini-courses.She started out with lots of resistance to even being here. As she went through the Will and Attention Management mini-courses, I watched her become more Source. We did the Creating Definition mini-course yesterday. She loved it! She now wants to come back and do more. She took the This and That exercise and ran with it! She applied it to her back pain, her abortion and everything she could think of. I asked her what she was experiencing . She said " It's neutralizing everything." She kept going and you could feel her sense of empowerment. I sat in amazement at her and how easily and effectively these materials work for people! She now has hope of turning her life around when she had given up all hope.

Thank you for giving me the honor of being with people as they engage the materials. I wouldn't miss it! In Gratitude,

Nancy H. Young- USA