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We have been going on the journey together. . .my husband Andy, and he . . .it's very interesting, because he's a stock broker and this is the first time, the way the market's been gyrating and going out of control that he's having a calmness about him and to see that in him is amazing. So, it's been an incredible ride and now we're on the Pro course and I had such an incredible realization. One of the things about these courses is, it empowers you to find out things about yourself and be able to rebuild relationships that you thought you might have had, but you really didn't and be able to have the courage to decide - you decide to make a difference and a change and that's what I'm going to do when I go home. I'm going to call my two brothers and I'm going to reconnect.

So, the journey sometimes is a little bit painful, using the tools, but I have to say that it's worth a little bit of suffering to get to the other side and know that you can make a change and really get to the point where Yes, you can achieve what you wanted to and the years can melt away and you can form that connection and that bond and that love. So, I would say, Avatar really helps families reconnect and it just empowers you to have powerful relationships, strong relationships, relationships that matter.

Micki Bello- USA- 2008