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Dear Harry
I just recently come home from hospital after 5 weeks of treatment for cancer and a hip replacement surgery. While in hospital a very dear Avatar Master/friend came in and run me through the Belief Management Mini-Course.
Exploring the 4 levels of beliefs was a light-bulb moment for me.

Understanding the different levels of belief enabled me while in hospital to appreciate which level of belief Doctor's Nurses, friends and family were operating from.
I could see quite clearly that the Doctors were operating from level 3 beliefs while some friends and family and nurses would be from level 2 and 3.
I then would create beliefs from level 4 that would keep me moving forward each day in my recovery and enabled me to stay focused and deliberate on my recovery and I have had amazing results so far.

I am now home from hospital and walking with the aid of crutches at the moment until my leg strengthens, but I am very independent, pain free and a visible lump on the outside of my body has shrunk by 3/4 of the size that it was. I am feeling very healthy and feeling a lot of joy and passion for life again.

My primary -" My body heals itself in alignment with all the treatment."

Having the awareness of the 4 levels of belief was a blessing and each day I would create new beliefs that would keep me moving forward and not have stuck attention on past reference points.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you Harry, Avra and Miken for the Avatar material's and especially the - Belief Management Mini-Course.

With much Love and Joy and Peace

Roslyn Benson