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Dear Harry,

Thank you, sir. This integrity course has been an incredible experience. I feel like I have been at Orlando's "other theme park" with the toughest roller coaster there is.

I want to acknowledge you for your incredible courage. You have cleaned up your life using your own will and good intentions -- with a great deal of self-discipline. When I allow myself to feel it, your journey really inspires me.

This week I have been able to reflect deeply on my own life as they seek to unravel this tangled ball of string I call my consciousness. Then you appear and raise the bar two more times in one day and I'm reminded, "Harry is not done and probably never will be."

While your words educate and guide me, Harry, it is your actions that inspire me and call me the duty. So, more Avatars, Masters, and Wizards!

With much love and deep gratitude,
John Toomey