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Dear Harry, Avra, & Miken,

After completing the Integrity Mini Course at the Geelong International Course. I wanted to share with you all a moment of Joy.

Firstly, I finally understood that it is Honesty with oneself and others that leads to Happiness and Freedom. By clearing up my Dis-honesty, I felt real and a freedom and excitement for life again.

I am going through another experience of cancer again and at the end of the Integrity Mini Course, you do the Compassion Exercise, so I did it first for the cancer and then for my body.

From doing this exercise for the cancer, I felt such deep compassion for cancer. It was no longer an enemy to be conquered and resisted, for what you resist, persists. I then did the Compassion Exercise for my body and again a deep sense of comapssion for it. All the anger and blame and criticism had gone and was replaced with an awe of wonder at its ability to heal.

Each day is a Blessing and the most important thing for me is my Spiritual unfoldment so that I may contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I now realize that Being in Service is a gift to embrace and to do it NOW! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Roslyn Benson - Australia - 2008