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Dear Harry,

This internship has helped me put so much together! From the morning meetings, I am starting to get the difference between appreciating someones universe and trying to influence someones universe. Combining that realization with the realization that the true power of my primaries comes from my commitment to creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization (and gets distorted when my commitment is for selfish gains) has enabled me to start really practicing reverence. It is amazing to truly appreciate another as a unique universe and it helps me to stay in feel and be responsible for my own universe. Of course this is what we have been learning, but it is incredible when something really "clicks." Reverence is going to be my new daily moment to moment practice. I see the path to getting myself out of the way!

This will also enable me to create lots of new Avatars since I won't be trying to connect them to me! All of my students on this course have said they had the best week of their life, ever! They all registered for the Masters course and the Wizards course. Thank you Harry for allowing me the honor to do this work. Love,

Ariela Sarai- USA