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Finishing the Masters Course.....

I did my Avatar Course here in Gyeongju in August of 2008, a year ago.

From the second day of the course, I realized the bad experiences I had in my consciousness are the result of my own creation.

My favorites were the Discouragement Drill and Walk for Attonement and handling my own resistances through the discouragement drill. This was really a more advanced course from the Avatar Course and if I have a chance I want to review it. I thank Harry for creating this amazing course and the Trainers for their efforts during the nine days of this course. Especially ,the Trainer, Yuji's demonstration was so hilarious that I could forget any difficulty in the course!

I was happy to connect with various peoples in this course and I hope to see them often. May you be happy! Always!

Han Ma Um- Korea- 2009