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Hi Harry and Avra,

I've just spent a couple of days doing mini-courses (Attention & Will) and I'm feeling really positive. I've been suffering lately with a progressing experience of brain cancer. It's considered fatal and I've been beginning to believe it as I've been having ongoing tumor growth and difficulty with talking/reading and cognitive ability. I was beginning to feel like a victim and felt like there was nothing I could do.

Even a couple of days doing mini-courses has given me the confidence to decide I am still source of my life. Maybe I do still have a tumor in my brain, but it doesn't have to make me miserable- I'm alive and I can choose to love and appreciate my life. Also my ability to write and talk has improved- I would have never been able to write this note last week! What a reminder of beliefs and expectations. life situation is still not ideal and unless something changes this tumor in my brain will probably kill me- fairly soon. But I feel willing to experience this reality with interest and courage. Thanks for all the help I have received through the years. Kia Ora,

David Elliot- New Zealand