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Dear Harry,

This Avatar Course is the third time I have interned as an Avatar Master. My Mother and older brother are my students. It has taken 3 years to inspire my brother to get here. My Mother started the journey at the Sydney Australia Course and didn't finish. She came back to review and finish the course. I am in awe of her courage in handling her 68 years worth of consciousness blueprint.

Yesterday she integrated an event which occurred when she was eleven years old. That was amazing! She took responsibility of that whole creation. All these years she had blamed her Mum for it. Mum is going to Avra's Orlando International Course where she will finish the course.

As a Master this internship with my family members has given me the opportunity to learn how to create the space for others to process their blueprint, while I flow appreciation and neutral attention. This morning all three of us sat together as your DVD "Connection and Encouragement" was played. I really get what you meant; because of Avatar my family and I have a new connection!

Jade Safein- Australia